Graylog Coaching

We at NetUSE have been using Graylog actively in the SOC area for several years and it has already taken over a fixed role in our workflows. We want to pass on the knowledge we have built up!

We are very familiar with the important features of Graylog. These include inputs, extractors, grok patterns, pipelines, dashboards and alerts, but also the operation in a cluster for larger environments.

Of the enterprise features, we particularly appreciate the archiving and automatic reports, as well as the good support from the manufacturer.

We would like to help, inform and teach you to use Graylog better and more efficiently and offer Graylog coaching on an hourly basis.

Our Offer:

one day (8h) Graylog Coaching for your individual environment

1.480,00 Euro

excl. Vat
If you are interested in getting our Graylog coaching please write us: